PLP Responds to Bob Richards False Statement on Pensions

The OBA’s attempt to scare our seniors is hitting a new and despicable low. This continued fear-mongering by Bob Richards is a true mark of a losing campaign and a failed government. The OBA needs to stop spreading lies and answer the serious questions voters have about their plans for immigration which is missing from their platform. We would have been glad to debate the issues that affect Bermudians in a public forum, but they instead choose to spread lies from the shadows instead of having an open an honest debate, shameful. 

Vision 2025 was originally written in 2015 and further updates were released over the next 2 years. It was replaced on our website by our 2017 Election Platform titled, “An Agenda For A Better And Fairer Bermuda", when our platform was launched on Thursday. Our platform is our pledge to the people of Bermuda. It’s telling to note that the OBA no longer features any of their 2012 campaign platform pledges on their website. Perhaps because they broke the promise to Bermudians to create 2,000 jobs, invest in public education, hold a referendum on gaming, suspend term limits, or the many other promises they broke. Will Minister Richards send a press release asking why those broken promises are no longer on the OBA Website? Of course not.

Silly political distractions like this from the Deputy Premier who as Minister of Finance is on record of "Fuzzying Numbers" do not make Bermuda better. Next Tuesday Bermudians will have the opportunity to vote for a PLP Government that will put Bermudians first. The Progressive Labour Party stands by our Platform and encourages all to read for themselves at