PLP Responds to C. Cannonier

By Lawrence Scott, MP

Bermudians are tired of rhetoric without rationality, complaining without solutions and sound bites over substance.  As the government executes on the mandate it was given by the people, we recognize that the impact of our hard work, hasn’t reached everyone.

We hear the cries of those who are still out of work, still struggling to make ends meet and still struggling to come first in jobs and opportunities in our own country. We recognize that more needs to be done to drive down the cost of living and to get more Bermudians into better paying jobs and more Bermudians into affordable housing

This year, we are focused on delivering a living wage;  something the Opposition opposes.

This year we are focused on delivering affordable healthcare for Bermudians; something that the Opposition opposes.

We are further focused on diversifying our economy, getting Bermudians prepared for the new jobs that will be created as the new hotel properties at St. Regis and Bermudian Beach Resort. 

We are focused on building on our decriminalization of small amounts of Cannabis with the development of a local cannabis industry. 

We are focused on addressing the high cost of staple items.

Now is not the time for back and forth. Now is time to deliver on the hopes of everyone who wanted to see the gap between the two Bermudas shattered.