PLP Response to Dropped Police Complaint

Roughly ten days ago, the OBA Candidate Sheila Gomez filed a complaint with the Bermuda Police Service alleging amongst other things, “bullying” and “intimidation” at the hands of a PLP Volunteer. At the time, the PLP condemned any threats, anti-social behaviour, etc. but also, we called the report false; and called on the OBA to repudiate the lies that were being told on social media. The OBA Chairperson and Candidate for Constituency 16 Lynne Woolridge steadfastly refused and instead peddled the lie.

Today’s announcement by the Bermuda Police Service that “The complainant has requested no further action” hopefully puts an end to the OBA’s cynical use of ‘fake news’ to try to distract voters from the significant issues facing Bermudians.

We trust the voters of Constituency 27 and Constituency 16 will remind the OBA Candidates about the Bermudian values of truth and fairness should they knock on their doors during this canvassing period.

“When they go low...we go high!” – Michelle Obama