PLP Response to Minister Richards

There are apparently no depths to which Minister Richards and the OBA will sink to try to fool all of the people all of the time. No matter how much he attempts to run from his cruel and unfair record, Bermudians will never forget how indifferent Minister Richards has been to Bermuda’s seniors.   


Minister Richards today said he will provide cost of living adjustments to Civil Service pensioners (if they vote OBA). However, in 2014, Minster Richards passed a law stopping civil service pensioners from getting the same increase he is promising them today! 

For all seniors, who receive social insurance, Minister Richards has made seniors wait longer for a pension increase than any other Finance Minister...ever! No Finance Minister has been as uncaring as Bob Richards making seniors wait 5 years for a pension increase. Now, 2 weeks before an election he wants you to believe that he will increase your pensions every year after 5 years of neglect!

Bermudian seniors should not believe Minister Richard’s desperate scare tactics, and last minute promises, while he tries to run from the OBA record of increasing taxes, fees, and health insurance on seniors, while making them wait 5 years for a pension increase. Senior’s pensions will be safe with the PLP and seniors will have a PLP Government that values them and will not tell them that “money doesn’t grow on trees”.