PLP statement on the retirement of Trevor Moniz

The Progressive Labour Party has a long history of putting Bermudians first. In each of its platforms, it has laid out initiatives that empower the community and improve the lives of Bermudians. The PLP stands on a legacy of strong leaders who have spearheaded these initiatives. It is shameful that one of the longest-serving members of parliament would use his exit speech to disrespect other long-serving members of parliament, past and present. Unfortunately, however, this has been the normal course of action for Mr Moniz and the One Bermuda Alliance.

Bermudians will recall that it was Trevor Moniz who spent millions of our taxpayer dollars pursuing frivolous politically motivated lawsuits that amounted to nothing but wasted time and money. He stood silently by as his colleagues tried to ram through an initiative to grant status to thousands of Bermudians. He failed to look into the JetGate scandal or address it in any substantive way. As Attorney General he failed to craft an airport contract to ensure Bermudian taxpayers would not have to pay foreign bondholders countless millions due to acts of God, like the one the OBA Government left Bermuda. And, he remained silent after our seniors were pepper-sprayed. "

On behalf of the PLP legislative team, we wish Mr Moniz well in his retirement. The PLP government will continue to execute its agenda for a fairer and better Bermuda and serving the people of this country. Each day, the PLP administration works to keep it's promises to the people of Bermuda through reforming education, revitalizing our economy and navigating Bermuda through the unchartered waters of a pandemic. It's clear from Mr. Moniz' outburst that Bermuda needs capable and steady leadership that works us, not petty politicians looking to settle political scores.