PLP Thanks Hurricane First Responders

Today, the Progressive Labour Party thanks the Regiment, BELCO workers, police, fire, nurses, doctors and all the first responders that saw us safely through the hurricane.

Bermuda is at it’s best when we pull together as one community across the divisions in our society. We saw it during the worst of the coronavirus lockdown. We saw it during the hurricane. Now, it’s time to complete the work of this election and allow the country to choose which leader and team they want to see us through the economic recovery. After the election, we must come together to rebuild the economy.

Effective this evening, the PLP is reopening its field campaign with an emphasis on community check ups, distribution of water and other supplies to those in need and making sure voters can safely and securely vote in the Advanced Poll which starts tomorrow. If you need a ride to the Advanced Poll, which will be held Wednesday-Friday from 8 am to 8 pm, please call 703-8757.