PLP Welcomes Social Justice Bermuda Platform

Today, the Progressive Labour Party welcomed the release of the Social Justice Bermuda Platform, praising it as a great way to put important issues out for discussion.

The PLP is also pleased that its own platform, to be announced tonight, includes some of the key principles contained in the Social Justice Bermuda platform.

From universal healthcare to expanding the franchise, to revenge porn laws, to expungement of cannabis convictions, to requiring Bermudian history in all public and private schools; many points raised in the Social Justice Bermuda platform are included in our platform.

During our platform development process, we reached out to many groups including unions and Social Justice Bermuda to engage in dialogue to build a progressive platform that truly has a heart for Bermudians. We are confident that the Bermudian people will consider our platform ideas and place their confidence in us to continue leading Bermuda.