PLP Welcomes the Opportunity for Party Leaders to Debate

The PLP looks forward to debating the OBA as soon as possible. We look forward to highlighting their economic record which includes 2,000 lost Bermudian jobs, a doubling of the debt and increases in the cost of health insurance. We also look forward to highlighting their failure to fix public education - the mould in our schools, the bird mites, and, their cutting of scholarships and educational grants which limit opportunities for Bermudians to advance themselves.

We know that Bermuda can do better, and we look forward to highlighting that in a debate. We look forward to talking about our Vision 2025 which includes bringing down the highest cost of living in the world, making health insurance more affordable, fixing our decaying public schools and providing scholarships again for Bermudians so that they can gain the skills necessary to access the jobs of today and tomorrow."

The debate will show which party puts Bermudians first and which party contributes to the growing divide between the two Bermudas. We look forward to public debates with the OBA.