Premier & Party Leader E. D. Burt - Press Conference Remarks

Good afternoon.

With seniors aged 65 and up eligible to vote next week, we’re focused on our record and vision for seniors in
the next term. We have a heart for seniors and care about social issues impacting our seniors.

During this campaign we’ve spoken about the strength of our leadership team. Part of that team is MP Derrick Burgess. MP Burgess served as the Deputy Speaker in the last Parliament.

MP Burgess is a tireless advocate for our Seniors, and was responsible for ensuring that we pushed through the Charter of Rights and Responsibilities for Elders in Long-Term Care.

The PLP Team is stronger with MP Derrick Burgess on it, and now he will speak to what the PLP has done for our seniors since we were elected...

Thank you, Cousin Derrick.

Next I’d like to introduce Senator Ianthia Simmons-Wade Like MP Burgess, Senator Simmons-Wade is passionate about our seniors. She adds depth to our team and as the Chair of the Ageing well committee she ensures that Government policies take into account out aging society.

As Seniors go to the polls next week it is important they know what is in store for them if they vote for the PLP and Senator Wade will give us a sneak preview of our platform commitments to our seniors...

Thank you, Ianthia.