Response to Media Inquiry About OBA’s Ben Smith

“Ben Smith and his colleague Leah Scott are yet to apologize for lying about the Premier’s place of birth and calling into question his loyalty to Bermuda. So, Ben Smith should not be lecturing anyone about integrity when he is an unapologetic Bermuda birther.

“It is also telling that the Craig Cannonier-led OBA want more government spending in this one area, and, yet, the OBA in government cut funding to public education. The OBA cut education budgets, yet, they want to increase police funding? We hope everyone who attended and supported the peaceful Black Lives Matter march and movement are paying attention. The PLPs investments in tackling the root causes of crime are working.

“We strongly support the Regiment and the men and women of the Bermuda Police Service. They did an incredible job during shelter in place and during the hurricanes. Now is not the time to politicize them, but, instead, to put politics aside and figure out how we can work together to develop budgets that allow them to do their jobs while also taking into account the necessary belt tightening that must happen to see us through the economic recovery.”