Response to OBA Statement in Election

The PLP have entered its 4th year in office. As a country we would have had to have a general election in a handful of months. With Mr. Cannonier's announcement of multiple retirements from his party, we could either:

1) pay for 3, 4 or 5 by-elections AND a general election soon after or we;
2) pay for a general election.

The latter is what saves the Bermudian taxpayer money.

It also saves Bermudians from bickering. We can have by-election after by-election and then a general election, or, we can just get on with it and have a general election.

The fact of the matter is, Oppositions should want a general election. Oppositions should be prepared for a general election. The PLP would have loved a general election before the OBA had an opportunity to harm Bermudians with the bad airport deal, Morgan's Point or the pepper-spraying of seniors.

This election is about leadership and it is clear that while the PLP offers strong leadership capable of calmly addressing the unexpected, stands firm in the face of adversity and does not lose its composure at the first sign of trouble.