Putting Our Seniors and Vulnerable Persons First

Every government has the responsibility to ensure that its senior population enjoys a quality of life that reflects the value we place on them as citizens. The PLP is proud that it introduced FutureCare for our seniors to assist them in their golden years. The PLP will continue to ensure that our seniors are able to live in dignity.

Your next PLP Government will:

  • Institute annual cost of living increases for social insurance pensions that will be linked to the rate of inflation to help lessen the hardships that too many of our seniors now endure. The OBA made seniors wait five years for a pension increase, which is the longest period of time between increases since the UBP was in office.
  • Review the laws to reflect international best practices to enact a Charter of Rights and Responsibilities for seniors.
  • Expand the home healthcare benefit under HIP to provide additional income to families, while reducing overall costs to the healthcare system.
  • Eliminate existing government fees for seniors in need.
  • Increase the Prescription Drug Benefit for seniors on FutureCare.
  • Develop incentives for private sector creation and operation of retirement communities, residential care homes or senior independent living communities, providing seniors with greater options and alleviating the stress placed on families and the hospital.
  • Reduce age discrimination in the workplace.
  • Create an Office of the Public Guardian to assist legally with the management of care and funding for dependent persons who are cognitively impaired with no family members or next of kin.