St. George's Candidates Speak out Area Neglect

St. George's Candidates Speak out Area Neglect


PLP candidates for St. Georges are today expressing concern at what they are describing as "neglect," on the Wellington Back Road area.

PLP Candidate for Constituency #2 Kim Swan said, "Despite being highlighted by the OBA in the leadup to the last election, to date, little attention has been shown to the Wellington Back Road area where vegetation & shrubbery overgrowth on the railway trail and former golf course has made the area unsightly and a prime target for illegal dumping. In addition, the once golf clubhouse area on the boundary of constituency #1 & #2 remains an eyesore and is on the doorstep of seniors who live in the nearby Anchorage Apartments."
PLP Candidate for Constituency #1 Senator Renee Ming remarked, "Many of the residents we talk to in this area are deeply concerned at how this area has been neglected and worry that while it is already impacting on their quality of life it may also affect property values. We want to highlight these concerns and do our part to address them as quickly as possible,"

Kim Swan added, "This matter has been reported to both the Parks Department and Works and Engineering with the hope that there will be a clean up and clearing out in the first instance and the area being placed on a regular maintenance timetable."

Senator Ming concluded, "This, like so many other issues requires leadership and action. For too long when it comes to issues that matter in the East End, whether its unemployment, pathways to status, attempts to shut down Lamb Foggo, crime in the Old Town or illegal dumping, there has been silence from those paid by the taxpayer to provide leadership and a voice to the people. St. George's deserves better. We will continue to ensure that St. George's is represented and that there is a voice for the people who live and call the east end home."

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