St. George’s Ferry

St. George’s Ferry

News that the St. George's designated Orange Ferry has been suspended due to safety concerns with the ferry dock, disappointing the area residents and merchants . 

St. George’s, like other tourist areas, is trying to recover after two years of a pandemic. This ferry service has provided a much needed boost to the St George’s community this year, and the town would have benefitted from this additional ferry lift for the remainder of the 2022 tourist season. 

Hopefully, the Ministries of Transport and Public Works can review the maintenance that has been planned and either reschedule the dates or prioritize the work so that it can be completed in very short order. We understand the need for the Government to balance and encourage economic activity with the need to ensure tourists & local ferry riders and Marine & Ports employees are safe. 

St. George’s is an important tourist attraction and everything must be done to maintain its viability. 



MP Kim Swan (Constituency 2 - St. George's West) 

MP Renee Ming (Constituency 1 - St. George's North)