Statement from Party Leader

Statement from Party Leader

“The Progressive Labour Party has a history of working to secure every vote and representing every citizen no matter who they voted for. That will not change. 

Minister Hayward is an passionate and energetic representative of his constituents and Bermuda who has committed himself to growing this economy while always being available locally or overseas to further Bermuda’s interests; but he is human. 

In this case, after a long day in the House of Assembly, I believe the Minister expressed frustration of the Government's continuing attempts to try to work with the Opposition, for the betterment of Bermuda, to no positive avail. 

While I accept the Minister could have worded his statement better, the lack of humanity experienced while canvassing when members of the public may put out dogs will naturally invoke anger and disappointment and the Minister's uncharacteristic comments were a reflection of that. 

PLP MPs and candidates canvass regularly; and this provides an opportunity to better connect with the people we represent. We will continue to explain our positions directly and make the case that the Progressive Labour Party is a party that cares for all people and is committed to 

growing Bermuda’s economy to the benefit of those same people we are privileged to represent.whether they vote for us or not.” 


Party Leader David Burt