The Importance of Registering to Vote

Remarks on the Importance of Voting
Senator Renee Ming, Candidate for Constituency 1

It is clear that the OBA has lost control of the House of Assembly and no longer holds the confidence of even 2 of it's founding members.

The OBA faces two choices: suffer a humiliating defeat in a no confidence motion, or, dissolve the House and move toward a general election.

With the latter being the more likely option, today, the Progressive Labour Party is calling on the youth of Bermuda - and all unregistered Bermudians - to register to vote. We have heard you; I have heard you! 

I canvass and talk to young Bermudians daily and I hear the concerns that they have with their island home.  I and my PLP colleagues understand the hopelessness that you feel with employment for you and your families.

I understand your concerns about being able to afford to live in your Bermuda. 

I hear your concerns with the increased amount of protest and unprecedented division and unrest in our island home. 

I hear you and the PLP hears you. 

Young people you are our future; I implore you to take your rightful place; participate and be engaged

It’s time for you to sit at the table and be a part of the process to really move our island forward and put Bermudians first 

To those unregistered voters; it’s time for you to let your voice be heard in your island home.  We need you!

You can no longer sit back and watch.  We all have to work together to see and be the progress that we want.

Bermudians of all races and ages we must close our gaps and build relationships for a better Bermuda.  Please register to vote and really make a difference.

"This may well be the most important election in our lifetime, because, it's about what it means to be Bermudian. In the last four years, we've experienced 2,000 lost jobs and many young voters have given up hope. Health insurance rates have skyrocketed which means that Bermudians are taking home less money than they did four years ago. Our cost of living remains the highest in the world and it's getting higher."Instead of investing in Bermudians and fixing our public education system so Bermudians can thrive, the OBA has neglected our schools, causing them to fall into disrepair.

The OBA has done well for one Bermuda. But they're failing the Bermuda where you and I live. 


Remarks on the Importance of Voting
Dr. Ernest Peets, PLP Candidate for Constituency 10


In a lot of ways this election is about Bermuda’s future, and what it would look like going forward. Pathways to Status legislation and other initiatives by the OBA have fundamentally redefined our society and what it means to be Bermudian.
We are encouraging potential voters to register to vote as soon as possible, to ensure that every eligible voter is able to cast their vote regarding the key issues facing our country.
Let us never forget, one of the OBA's first moves was to break their promise on term limits, and their second move was an attempt to minimize opportunities and jobs for Bermudian children by offering the same to children of guest workers.
Bermuda can do better. It's time for a government that puts Bermudians first. It’s time for a Government that has a plan to develop an Economic Diversification Unit; a Technology Hub and one that will deliver new hope to young Bermudians. 

I urge you this week to visit and check your registration status, and if you are not registered, please register or update your voter registration information.
Alternatively, you can visit the offices of the Parliamentary Registrar at Craig Appin House on Wesley Street in Hamilton. Because our future is so important, let’s all get involved.