The PLP has a 2020 Plan

The claims emanating from Mr. Cannonier regarding the Government's decision to forego this year's throne speech are rooted in hysteria and based entirely on falsehoods. The implication that no throne speech in 2019 means no plan is a false correlation and shows that the OBA are more tied to the trappings of the past, than a party that is capable of adapting to the future.

The PLP government has a 5-year plan that was laid out in our election platform in 2017.  We are steadily working through our platform and prior throne speech commitments ensuring that our promises are kept and we are delivering a better and fairer Bermuda. Our Economic plan was delivered by our Minister of Finance in last year’s budget statement; and though it doesn’t match the OBA’s singular answer to all of what ails Bermuda, opening the immigration floodgates; it is a long term plan that has delivered increased investment in Bermuda, 300 new jobs, new local and international companies, and Bermuda’s first balanced budget in 17 years.

On Monday, October 28, the opening night of the PLP's Annual Delegates Conference, our Party Leader will announce new initiatives that the PLP government implement to deliver on its mandate.  As always, the public is invited to attend, and all local media organizations will be invited to attend.

While it has been a longstanding colonial tradition, the Throne Speech is not the only manner in which to inform or communicate to the people our government’s policies and plans. In 2019 we have chosen to save the over ten-thousand dollars spent on the pomp and ceremony, while continuing sit in the legislature and deliver for the people of Bermuda.  As a member of the public, Mr. Cannonier is welcome to attend the opening night of our conference and listen as our Party Leader reviews our progress, shares our vision, and outlines new initiatives.

For those unable to attend Monday night, our leader’s speech will be shared with the media so that all can be informed of the progress of the Bermuda Progressive Labour Party Government, and what the future holds in store.