The Progressive Labour Party recognises that tourism is the second pillar of our economy and must be expanded. While it is vital to expand tourism, we must ensure that increases in tourism directly benefit Bermudian employees and Bermudian entrepreneurs. In 2015, under the OBA and the Bermuda Tourism Authority (BTA), Bermuda recorded the lowest level of visitor air arrivals since 1966.


Your next PLP Government will:

  • Promote medical tourism to increase utilisation of our new healthcare facilities that provide cutting-edge treatments approved in the UK but not yet available in the United States.
  • Modernise regulations and laws that inhibit the development, modernisation and visitor enjoyment of our tourism product and nightlife.
  • Reverse the increased energy taxes on hotels implemented by the OBA.
  • Work with the Ministry of Transport and the BTA to facilitate the development of a safe, reliable water-taxi service, with supportive infrastructure and links to existing ground transportation services that will create jobs for Bermudians.
  • Work with the BTA and stakeholders to facilitate the creation of new products, services and activities for cruise ship shore excursions that benefit Bermudian entrepreneurship and create jobs for Bermudians.

In partnership with the BTA, your next PLP Government will:

  • Modernise hotel concessions to stay ahead of our global competition, while creating better accountability for hiring, training and promoting Bermudian workers and entertainers.
  • Promote local events so that Bermudian entertainers can showcase their talents to our visitors.
  • Expand airlift and facilitate price competition out of our target jurisdictions.
  • Create new business opportunities for Bermudians through the development and enhancement of our beach and park tourism product.
  • Collaborate with workforce development initiatives to ensure that Bermudians have maximum access to employment opportunities in the tourism sector.
  • Modernise the National Tourism Plan to reflect today’s realities and the evolving tourism market.

To increase accountability of the BTA, your next PLP Government will:

  • Develop a Transparent Accountability Monitoring process for funds utilised by the BTA, while demanding greater return on investment.
  • Reform the BTA’s Entertainment Investment Initiative, ensuring that it has a greater focus on diversity, inclusion, and return on investment.

To develop the vacation rental market, your next PLP Government will:

  • Ensure fair and safe regulations are in place to support the expansion of vacation rentals and to diversify our tourism product, while not subjecting them to excessive taxation.