Since our election, the PLP has worked to improve tourism and the evidence is the increase of 337 jobs in tourism that was recorded prior to the Pandemic. We jumpstarted vacation rentals while attracting additional tourism investment to Bermuda. We implemented superyacht legislation, supported entrepreneurs in providing more on-Island activities for our visitors, and created local events for Bermudian entertainers to showcase their talents to our visitors.

A PLP Government will continue to rebuild tourism for the future by:

  • Working with the private sector to construct a medical tourism facility to create jobs and year-round visitors to Bermuda. 
  • Finally launching our casino industry, supported by the Bermuda National Digital Bank, which will provide jobs for Bermudians. 
  • Ensuring that our tourism marketing and our tourism product highlight Bermuda art, culture and fashion, promoting our local creatives and thus providing them with a viable path to earn a living locally doing what they love, while ensuring that all overseas acts pay full travellers’ dues to the Bermuda Entertainment Union. 
  • Developing key signature events in the areas of film, fashion and entertainment that attract tourists. 
  • Investing in the upkeep of Bermuda Forts and historical attractions. 
  • Supporting Bermuda in becoming a first-class destination for film production. This will be accomplished by investing in film equipment that will be housed on-Island, making filming in Bermuda financially feasible while training Bermudians to work in this field and providing job opportunities locally.