Transforming Our Education System

Vision 2025 requires a world-class education system. Education is an investment in our future; it is an investment in our people and it is an investment worth making.

The Progressive Labour Party has already committed to education reform by pledging to phase out middle schools and implementing signature schools at the secondary level focusing on academics, the trades, business, sports and the arts.

It is equally important that we not only improve the standard of teaching but also prepare our students for a future in a world driven by technology.
We must invest in ensuring that we have excellent technology in our schools, but we must also enhance our curriculum with an increased focus on science, technology, engineering and math; ensuring our students are sufficiently prepared for postgraduate education and/or employment in a future where technological ignorance is a barrier to success.

The Bermuda College must continue to be enhanced to be relevant. The government should work in cooperation with the college to promote local application development. Instead of paying high priced IT consultants, the government can work through the Bermuda College to develop, maintain and enhance online applications that make government more efficient.

This practical work will provide real world experience to our students, and will provide benefit to the college as the applications developed can be licensed to other governments worldwide.