We Won't Follow Money Wasting Moniz' Lead

In their most recent statement, the OBA said that we should "follow Trevor Moniz" lead. No thanks. Trevor Moniz wasted over $3 million in taxpayer dollars going after a political vendetta that resulted in a dismissed lawsuit. Not only did Mr. Moniz spend money on expensive US lawyers, but, he also hired a public relations company. If this was just about justice, and not about scoring political points, why did he use taxpayer money to hire a public relations company to publicize his failed lawsuit? That's not good governance. That's using taxpayer funds to score cheap political points.

What other corruption did Trevor Moniz tolerate? He looked the other way when Craig Cannonier's JetGate scandal happened to fail to recommend any legal interventions to help Bermudians get to the bottom of that scandal. Even after the Commission of Inquiry fingered Vic Ball for inappropriately recommending his father's company for a $1.4 million contract, he did nothing and said nothing. He failed to provide proper legal oversight over the bad airport deal that is cost Bermudians $5.8 million last month and could cost us $20 million more by the end of the year in additional fees due to the failure to include any kind of force majeure clause in the contract. And, he failed to stand up for the rights of our seniors and others who were pepper-sprayed by police on December 2, 2016.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and an economy that needs focus, we're disappointed to see that the OBA, a party where 25% of its MPs elected in 2017 have already resigned, is predicting many more expensive by-elections at a time where we should be unified to focus on rebuilding the economy.

That said, the economy that the OBA built was one that enriched the already wealthy while leaving our most vulnerable behind. Trevor Moniz, in his closing statement, said, "may there be more events for celebrities and billionaires." That's what the OBA is about. They spent hundreds of millions of dollars on a boat race for billionaires while our schools were plagued with dangerous mould. They wasted hundreds of millions more on their failed Morgan's Point adventure. And, during their tenure, the rich got even richer while working Bermudians fell further. Bermuda can do better than a party that believes creating thousands of new Bermudians is the solution for creating wealth for our people.