When It Comes to Combatting Corruption, Leadership Matters

In light of Mr Moniz' comments on corruption, Bermudians need to ask themselves, who they trust most to root out corruption in our government?

On the one hand, you have Craig Cannonier who himself resigned in disgrace after a corruption scandal, a corruption scandal that Mr. Moniz himself declined to investigate. This is the same Craig Cannonier who appointed Vic Ball to replace Mr Moniz who himself was fingered in a corruption scandal by the Commission of Inquiry for recommending a $1.4 million contract to a company owned 50% by his father.

On the other hand, you have David Burt who as one of his first acts in government enacted a tighter Ministerial Code of Conduct to ensure that all Cabinet Ministers are held to the highest ethical standard. Further, this PLP Government published the Procurement Code of Conduct which prevents the awarding of no-bid contracts such as the $40 Million no-bid contract the OBA awarded for the building of Cross Island or the No-Bid airport contract that will cost taxpayers $2 Billion in revenue over the next 30 years. The PLP enacted the Good Governance Act strengthened the powers of the Director of Internal Audit enacted whistleblower protections and outlawed collusion in bidding for Government contracts.


Human beings are not perfect and there are certainly areas for improvement, but, it is shocking that Mr Moniz would claim fealty to "good governance" and "anti-corruption measures" whilst supporting Craig Cannonier, who was himself involved in JetGate and Vic Ball, who was cited for corrupt practices by the Commission of Inquiry.