Workforce Development

The PLP believes that upgrading the skills of Bermuda’s labour force through a solid workforce development plan is critical to our long-term prospects for broad-based and inclusive economic growth. It’s not enough just to create more jobs: Bermudians must be given a fair shot at the jobs that already exist today. Opportunities to prepare Bermudians with skills to enter the job market are a key step in getting our young people employed. The workforce development programme is designed to assist in preparing our people for the world of work.

Your next PLP government will:

  • Create a National Workforce Development Plan, in collaboration with our key stakeholders, to ensure that Bermudians are properly prepared to take advantage of both current and future jobs opportunities. The plan will include the following:
    • A National Skills Policy for employers to address chronic skills shortages across different occupational groupings.
    • Track the skills of Bermudians living here and abroad who are seeking employment opportunities.
    • Increase options for on-island training to prepare Bermudians for today and tomorrow.
  • Enhance training programmes at Bermuda College to allow it to provide more degree and technical educational offerings.
  • Collaborate with Bermuda College to promote mobile application development skills by having students design, maintain and enhance mobile apps that make government better and more efficient. This practical work will provide real-world experience to our students, will make government services more convenient, and will benefit the college as the applications developed could be licensed to other governments worldwide. The apps developed will help the government relay information to its citizens and allow residents to communicate issues to the government.